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EMPLOYER: Upward Wealth, Inc. dba brightup

DUTIES: Direct the development of financial services products including mobile/web apps that allow users to access: low-cost borrowing and investing instruments; curated financial education and advisor; a consolidated view of their financial circumstances (assets, debts and income). Serve as finance expert liaison with technical partners to co-create and manage the roadmap for Upward Wealth’s full suite of finance products, conducting structured interviews and randomized target customer surveys throughout the development process. Develop and patent the application of conscious capital instruments such as collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) and Private Equity-adjacent waterfall structures to enable end users to refinance existing loans at an affordable rate. Design and oversee the implementation of product offerings, working alongside municipalities to identify and onboard municipal employees as pilot participants, securely collect and store participant app usage data for analysis and visualization using alteryx and tableau, and track pilot success against predetermined KPIs. Support product troubleshooting and refinement, meeting with app users and municipal stakeholders for problem solving sessions and ad hoc shadowing. Build and maintain a pipeline of potential clients, including municipalities, corporations, and foundations. Translate social and political goals of Upward Wealth’s mission to corporate partners across industries such as banking, marketing and technology. Connect with customers, partners, and industry leaders to discuss product vision and get feedback; communicate feedback to broader organization. Develop a global growth strategy, with immediate focus on expansion to Africa by researching entities in various African countries and pitching Upward Wealth’s suite of products to see which best meet their needs. Produce multiple board-level presentations and product roadmap presentations using Microsoft Powerpoint to support fundraising, partnership development and other growth efforts. Build financial models using Microsoft Excel to demonstrate growth projections to venture capital firms and Angels, leveraging pivot tables, advanced formulas and visualizations to convey and pressure test our assumptions. Research potential venture capital firms and Angel investors who could participate in Upward Wealth funding rounds, leveraging online databases such as AngelList alongside Upward Wealth personal networks and reaching out to potential funds. Participate in pitch meetings, communicating the competitive edge Upward Wealth has over other digital platforms in the financial wellness space. Provide substantive financial information and expertise to the production team to produce marketing materials ensuring the message portrayed is accurate. Draft substantive finance-related information for the company’s website and social media platforms. Develop comprehensive brand strategy for Upward Wealth, engaging end users to determine customer sentiments around Upward Wealth products and using that as a basis for developing a Upward Wealth “Brand Book” including look and feel, corporate voice, etc. that the company will abide by. Lead the recruitment of freelancers/contractors to manage social media and website maintenance as Upward Wealth’s web presence expands. Serve as a key member of the Upward Wealth executive team, acting as an advisor and thought partner to the CEO. Conduct regular research on competition and trends in the market, leveraging industry reports, paying close attention to the fast growing UK fintech landscape. Produce and disseminate original thought leadership, including journalistic articles, research reports and interviews to build Upward Wealth’s reputation as a leader in the financial wellness and conscious capitalism space. Support the production of key documents, such as Letters of Intent for municipalities, MOUs for banking institutions offering services such as transaction banking platforms and other critical correspondences. Research and implement solutions to bring in additional revenue.

REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Finance or related field and 2 years experience as Business Analyst, Senior Business Analyst or Consultant at a top tier management consulting firm. Specific Skills: Two years of experience must include (i) statistical analysis; (ii) financial modeling; (iii) Alteryx data analysis; (iv) Tableau data visualization; (v) Advanced Microsoft Excel Analytics; (vi)  and research expertise in financial inclusion and racial wealth gap. 

HOURS: Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm

WORK LOCATION: 225 Franklin Street, Suite 350, Boston, MA 02110 (Requires incidental domestic travel to attend meetings with clients and collaborate with software partners)

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