Financial flexibility for when life happens.

Get the cash you need to get through a pinch without the fees and fine print of a payday loan.

BrightUp Emergency Loans

  • No Credit Score required
  • Borrow up to 2 weeks of pay (as high as $5,000)
  • Pay single digit APR, no matter your credit score
  • Repay through paycheck deductions over 2 years
  • Eligibility: 12* months tenure and in “good standing”

A $300 PayDay loan at 391% interest paid in 5 months (average duration) will cost $647.
With BrightUp Emergency Loan at 8%, paid over 24 months, costs $326.

BrightUp Debt Consolidation and Refinancing

  • Unlocks wealth for your family by refinancing expensive debt
  • Alternative underwriting algorithm expands access to affordable rates
  • Repayment through paycheck deductions or autopay

$10,000 across Lons at 25% effective interest over 5 years costs $17,611.
With BrightUp Debt Consolidation at 10.5% would cost $12,896, resulting in a savings of $4,715.

Benefits of the BrightUp Loan


Get the cash you need at a fair price. All loans carry a fixed 8% APR regardless of credit score.

Automatic repayment

Your loan will be repaid for you through automatic paycheck deductions, so you never have to worry about missing a payment again.

No credit check

Get the help you need regardless of your credit score.

See Your Savings

Automatically compare how much you save in interest and fees by borrowing with BrightUp as opposed to a traditional lender.