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Financial Wellness Apps

Spend/income analysis

With Expense and Income Analysis, spending and income categories are displayed graphically to highlight categories and trends that help you manage your spending. The app accurately categorize transactions and provides greater context for your expenses.

Portfolio of debts

Understand all your liabilities in terms of credit card loans, mortgages, personal loans and others to get a comprehensive view of what you’re spending on servicing your debt at an aggregate level.

Budget tracker

This valuable app uses historical transaction data to automatically display budget categories for you and suggests budget amounts based on your past transaction data. The app automatically tracks your spending by category and sends notifications to help you stay on track to improve your financial health.

Cash flow projections

As one of the most critical tools, you can use Cash Flow Analysis to give you greater insight and understanding of the trends. OK to Spend identifies recurring income and forecasted financial obligations while accounting for fluctuations leveraged from historic data.


Understand how saving $5 a day compounds to Million $s in a few years. This is the power of compounding.

Insights & alerts

Uncover financial insights around spending, savings, budgeting, income, subscriptions, and more. Get visibility to these insights directly and act on opportunities to reduce your financial stress.Compare your spending to others with similar income levels or geographic location. Analyze spend by category or merchant, and compare savings and credit card balances. Set smart goals relative to your financial peers. Get Alerts and summary of activities emails on your mobile phone so you can stay ahead of your finances.

Account summary

In order to gain greater control over your money, you need all of your financial information at your fingertips. By seeing your banking accounts, credit cards, investments, mortgages, and rewards around the world all in one place, you can increase your control over your finances and have peace of mind.

Goal, savings tracker

You’re more likely to meet your saving goals with tools that help automate your savings and visualize your progress. Save for a Goal empowers you by automating your savings to meet milestones and time-based goals–whether it’s a specific purchase or preparing for a rainy day, college, or retirement.

Net-worth calculator

Net worth app is an easy, automatic way for you to gain the big picture insight—and avoid the inaccuracy of manually piecing together the financial picture. This includes looking at all assets and liabilities together.