Financial flexibility for when life happens.

Get the cash you need to get through a pinch without the fees and fine print of a payday loan.

You need to sign up in advance to access this benefit

Complete the loan sign-up form by Friday April 23

Completing this form DOES NOT mean you are actually taking out a loan. It simply pre-approves you in case you ever need to take a loan out in the future.


Get notified when you're approved

You'll be notified of if you've been approved via email on Friday April 30. You must have worked at your employer for more than a year and be in good standing (e.g., not on probation) to be approved.


Request a loan when you need it!

You'll be able to request loans from Monday April 26 through the BrightUp app. Since we care about building your wealth (and not just putting a band aid over financial problems), the BrightUp app also gives you personalized planning and educational tools. You deserve, and are capable of, much more than you realize.


Benefits of the BrightUp Loan


Get the cash you need at a fair price. All loans carry a fixed 8% APR regardless of credit score.

Automatic repayment

Your loan will be repaid for you through automatic paycheck deductions, so you never have to worry about missing a payment again.

No credit check

Get the help you need regardless of your credit score.

See Your Savings

Automatically compare how much you save in interest and fees by borrowing with BrightUp as opposed to a traditional lender.

Need more info?
No problem! Here are some common FAQs:

BrightUp is an all-in-one financial wellness benefit that offers your employees a low cost loan, free money management tools, and exclusive access to financial education from leading publishers.

The BrightUp loan is a financial wellness tool that gives you access to affordable credit, regardless of credit score.

The BrightUp loan lets you borrow up to one week of pay at 8% APR and repay via paycheck deductions. You have 2 years to repay your loan, with zero penalty for early repayment.

You can borrow up to 1 week of pay (post-tax and regular withholdings).

You need to sign up in advance for three reasons:

  1. To confirm that you’re eligible
  2. To get your permission to view your employment data (to calculate your credit limit)
  3. To calculate your credit limit

Everyone who has been with their employer for more than 12 months, and is in Good Standing (i.e., not on probation) is eligible for the loan. 

Make sure you sign up here by April 16th so we can confirm your eligibility and get you set up. If you don’t you won’t be able to access the loan.

The only fee for the Low-Cost Loan is an 8% interest payment. Since the loan term is fixed at 2 years, that translates to an 8% APR. This interest rate is the same for everyone, regardless of their credit score. 

You can also leave a small tip after you have repaid your loan. That said, it’s totally optional!

April 26th, when the app goes live!