For Communities

Many of us are living a stressful life. One of the major causes of stress is Financial Stress. This can then cascade into Physical, Emotional and Mental health issues, and have an impact not only on the person but their whole family.
If you’re a Community that cares for your members and is interested in helping support them with improving their Financial Wellness, we can work with you in bringing the BrightUp Solution to them.
BrightUp Solution is based on 5 Pillars: Compassion, Capital, Content, Coaching and Community.
You can learn more about our solutions below.
Please get in touch with us so we can partner with you to empower your members onto a journey to get them a secure financial future.

When you get BrightUp, you get a suite of wealth-building and wellbeing tools.

Compassionate Capital

Emergency loans when you need it the most at single-digit APR regardless of your credit score. Unlock wealth for families with broader access and affordable Debt Consolidation and Refinancing

Personalized Financial Education

Get matched with financial education content from thousands of sources (ordinarily behind a paywall) in our personalized portal based on your interests

Financial Planning Tools

Manage your financial life with no fuss income / spend analysis, budgeting, goal setting, tracking, cash flow analysis and projections as well as insights and alerts.

Financial Coaching and Advice

In-the-moment text based support on financial topics, access to phone based Financial coaches, and comprehensive annual/quarterly reviews with Financial Advisors.