Hard-working people deserve a hard-working financial wellness benefit

When you get BrightUp, you get a suite of wealth-building and wellbeing tools.

Low Cost Loans

A safe and affordable way to borrow. Gain financial flexibility with low cost loans at a fixed, single-digit APR — regardless of credit score.

Exclusive Education

Access to premium publications that are usually hidden behind a paywall, including Business Insider, Oprah, Entrepreneur, Forbes, CNBC, Investopedia, NYT, Washington Post, Women's Health, Men's Health, and more.

Financial Planning Tools

Make sense of your financial life with no fuss budgeting, tracking, and account linking tools.

In-App Motivation

Your finances are only as strong as your mindset. Everyday be inspired and empowered to reach your financial goals.

So what's this Low Cost Loan about?

BrightUp knows life can be unpredictable. We also know that many Financial Institutions take advantage of people when crisis hits. That’s why you can relax with the knowledge that BrightUp lets you borrow at a fair, fixed 8% APR — regardless of credit score.

You can only request loans if your employer is a partner of BrightUp. 

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